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Testimonial - Jeff
I would like to thank you very much for the trailer I ordered.
It was very easy to assemble and it looks fantastic. I would also like to thank you for your service. You were very easy to deal with and kept me updated with the progress of my purchase at all times.
I will let you know how I go when I use it.
Many thank
Jeff Irving
From: Wendy [mailto:wjsala@aanet.com.au]
Sent: 05 May, 2013 12:23 PM
To: 'MJM Accounts'
Subject: RE: trailer
Testimonial - Hank
----- Original Message ----- From: hcl Associates To: 'Mangrove Jack Marine' Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 8:45 AM Subject: RE: trailer
Hi Jill
Attached is a photo of my little boat on your Mangrove Jack trailer. It’s an awesome combo! The all up weight of the Boat and Trailer is only 87 Kg.
I secured the front of the boat by purchasing a V block similar to that shown in your website. I don’t need to use the winch as the boat rolls up with little effort. The winch is only used to secure the front of the boat by holding it firm against the V block. The light bar has been fixed to a 100 x 50 timber beam that sits across the boat and is held down by the ratchet strap. Works a treat.
Assembling the trailer was too easy and your written/photo instructions the clearest that I have ever seen, you should be writing manuals for setting up DVD’s etc.
Please feel free to use this email in any way, I am more than happy to endorse your Trailer and your exemplary service.
Thanks again.
Kind regards
Hank Laan Principal Consultant HCL Associates (Australia) Pty Limited 3 Orient Avenue CRONULLA 2230 Mobile 0417 777 871 www.hclassociates.com.au
Testimonial - Peter
From: Peter Anthony Oshea [mailto:jabaroo58@gmail.com] Sent: 04 December, 2012 6:36 PM To: MJM Accounts Subject: Re: Trailer
Hi Jill
Wow what a mission to get this internet connection going, we're in such a bad area that we nearly throw the thing out the window, well finally i've got throiugh and i have transferred the full amount into your account tonight, hopefully it will show by friday, as it may take a couple of days to go through. Both Tony and i want to thank you so very much for all you guys have done, you are really amazing and great to see that great people and a great company still exist, thanks a million guys and we will be spreading the word for sure. Have a great Christmas and New Year, please let us know if anything goes astray,
Regards Tony and Bec
Testimonial - Doug
From: Doug Raby [mailto:dougraby@bigpond.com] Sent: 03 December, 2012 8:20 PM To: 'MJM Accounts' Subject: RE: trailer
Gidday Jill and the rest of the gang in WA,
Trailer arrived this afternoon in Bris Vegas all well & good.  The quality looks good on the screen however when you have it in your hands the engineering and quality is superb, I’m a Techie and I can clearly see this is a quality piece of kit.
Thanks very much for all your service and advice etc, I’ll certainly be recommending you guys to all I meet on our trips and travels
It took all of 15-20 minutes to unpack the boxes read the paperwork and have the trailer all put together ready for the boat.  Depts. of Main Roads tomorrow for the Rego and that’s it.
Can’t wait for the weekend to take it for a drive to put the boat in the water and let it get wet for the first time (Boat Motor & Trailer), and now really looking forward to our Grey Nomad trial trip next year to Karumba for 6 weeks.
Again thanks guys and hope you all have a very Merry Xmas and a great and safe New Year.
Cheers  Doug & Lynn
Testimonial - Peter & Mary
From: MJM Logistics [mailto:logistics@mangrovejack.com] Sent: Tuesday, 6 November 2012 4:18 PM To: peterphillips8@bigpond.com Subject: DISPATCH!
Hi Just a quick email to say that the eagle has landed the trailer is brilliant and your quality control must be nothing but excellent it arrived in terrific order and as you say , it is so easy to put it together , and of significant importance to me the various parts and the sum of the parts are so light but very functional . Thank you so much we are very , very happy with the product and the service which identify your company as an all round smart company and the product exemplifies this Congratulations SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Peter & Mary Phillips
Testimonial - David
On 21/12/2012 4:41PM David & Desley Dickinson wrote:
Hi Guys,
Just purchased one of your trailers from John Hall At Toorbul, and after many years in the metal industry and a long career in welding inspection on high pressure vessels/fabrications for the oil industry, can say that your work is of first class standard. Well done!
David & Desley Dickinson
Testimonial - Brian
----- Original Message -----
From: Brian Harrison
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2011 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: trailer options
Hi Jill
Just wanted to say again how impressed I was with the service I received from you guys.
I got home and had no trouble assembling the trailer and setting the boat up on it.
5 stars for service and setup instruction etc.!!
It is now sitting in my garage perfectly with the boat on it. almost as though it was custom built for my outfit, very impressed.
I just wish I had found out about your product prior to my previous purchase.
Thanks again for the excellent product and I will not hesitate in recommending you guys whilst we are travelling.
Brian Harrison
Testimonial - Grant
From: "Grant Hanan" <ghanan@bigpond.com> To: "Mangrove Jack Marine" <sales@mangrovejack.com> Sent: Wednesday 26 January 2011 1:28PM Subject: RE: Creative welder Thanks for the tip I will look him up
Gidday Gavin,
Many thanks for the tip he sounds like exactly what I am looking for, so will look him up in about a month or so.
We are almost packed and plan to leave soon enough. I had to make some mods to the rear of the van so I took some photos for your interest.
You may recall when I first was interested I asked many questions (customer from hell)
Anyway Gavin many thanks for all your help, I am really pleased with the trailer , particular t how easy it goes together and the clever engineering you have used. The quality of the fittings  and overall product , along with the design, this comes from someone who understands what a customer wants , to be delighted beyond expectations. The initial price, (a little more expensive then some others ) what I used to call "sticker shock"is long forgotten when you see other wrestling with their trailers and boats while we are in the water and under way its definitely worth the couple extra bucks.
I wish you and Mangrove Jack all the best for 2011 , and will be singing the praisers of Mangrove Jack as we Travel around OZ
Regards Grant Hanan
Testimonial - John
From: "John Blair" To: <mjmarine@bigpond.net.au> Sent: Monday, 30 August 2010 10:22AM Subject: Mangrove Jack Boat Trailer Stickers
Dear Sir,
I purchased one of your trailer earlier this year while staying at Venus bay in South Australia where you promptly forwarded it to me, and it arrived in excellent condition. In addition to the trailer, I also purchased your caravan trailer bracket which was sent to my home at Kurrimine Beach in north Queensland. I emailed you some photographs of the way that I set it up on the rear of my A Van, but did not hear anymore from you, but assume you received it. The trailer and the bracket are brilliantly engineered, and the workmanship is to be commended. I have a chronic back problem, but have absolutely no difficulty in assembling and disassembling, and storing the whole shebang in minutes. I have had many many inquiries from the multitude of travelers regarding the boat trailer, and all who have witnessed me putting it together, and pulling it apart, are absolutely in awe at the ease and simplicity of the proceedure. All other manufactured portable boat trailers are left far behind by your design. The position of the "Mangrove Jack" transfer sticker on the trailer makes it difficult to see when the boat is on the trailer, and I have numerous inquiries regarding the manufacturer and availability, so wondering if you could send me two or three stickers to put one on the boat trailer in an easy to see location, and also one for my vehicle and boat. My postal address should you wish to send them is... *omitted for privacy*
Cheers, John Blair
We responded to John's email. Here is his reply:
Dear Gavin,
I can assure you that my previous email regarding the outstanding engineering & workmanship of your Mangrove Jack trailer, as well as it's complete ease of assembly and dissassembly, certainly makes it the number one portable registrable boat trailer in the land, leaving all competitors in the dust. You may use this and/or, my previous email as a testimonial for your excellent outstanding product. Kind regards, John Blair Kurrimine Beach NQ.
Testimonial - Clifton
----- Original Message -----
From: Clifton Harler
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 4:45 PM
Subject: Boat Trailer
Hi Gavin, Jill,
Have recently returned from first trip away with a new setup of camper, boat and one of your trailers - I like to tell you how impressed I was with your trailer.
It works as it should and as you represented with ease. I congratulate you on one of the best thought-out and designed products I have ever bought and used, and will recommend your trailers to anybody who values quality.
The fact it is locally designed is an added bonus.
Kind regards,
Cliff Harler