Unique Features

Built to Last
The Mangrove Jack is Australia’s only fully anodised aluminium boat trailer. Anodised aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion, making the Mangrove Jack one of the most sought after trailers on the market.

Easy Reversing

The Mangrove Jack’s built-in front sliding hitch extension ensures easy reversing.

Easy Assembly
The Mangrove Jack boat trailer is very easy to assemble and best of all, there are NO tools required. All of the components simply slide into position and are pinned with our own spring loaded gravity pin (Registered Design) – 2 minute casual assembly, 1 minute dis-assembly. There are no nuts or bolts to do up, or fiddly bits to lose and NO heavy frame to lift.

Light As!
That’s right. The Mangrove Jack boat trailer weighs around the same as your average Labrador – just 38kg. The heaviest piece you’ll lift is just 8kg and the longest piece is just 1.5m, making the Mangrove Jack the ideal trailer for adventure-seeking seniors.

With so many innovative design features, it’s no wonder the Mangrove Jack is one of Australia’s favourite boat trailers. Check out these innovations:

  • Our registered design allows the wheels to be removed from the trailer by pulling a pin. This immediately removes the bulk of the weight, and enables the wheels to be stored separately.
  • The main drawbar is concertina instead of folding, allowing for more compact storage and simpler handling.
  • Our unique sliding rail extrusion is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium for non-jam concertina operation.
  • Australia’s only fully anodised aluminium and stainless steel boat trailer. Designed to last a lifetime.
  • Components can be divided separately for storage, making the Mangrove Jack ideal for camper trailers.
  • Deeper than normal nylon rollers are used to keep the keel on track.
  • The Mangrove Jack is human and travel friendly – with no sharp edges. Features large rounded corners to most components and alloy sections.
  • Shin friendly with poly mudguards (instead of metal).
  • Comes standard with 316 Stainless Steel stub axles, which means no rust.
  • Alloy wheels with Holden bearings and 6 ply tyres.
  • Marine seals and marine grease.
  • All parts simply slide on or off. No bolts or tools required anywhere.


The Mangrove Jack portable boat trailer comes with a range of options to make your boating experience even more enjoyable.

Check out our products page for more information. You’ll find a great selection of options, including:

  • Aluminium caravan carry bracket kit (weighs only 3.5kg)
  • Winch – very compact with 3:1 ratio
  • Roller kit for inflatable boats
  • Jockey wheel bracket
  • 6m stainless steel anti-theft cable



Overall Length 3.4m
Overall Width 1.56m
Longest Single Piece 1.55m
Weight 38kg
Heaviest Single Piece 8kg
Max Load 250kg
ATM 360kg
*†Max vessel Length 3.8m
Max Outboard Weight 53kg
Speed Limited 100kph
Tyre Speed Rating 130kph
Tyre Rating 6ply
Licensable in All States Yes

*  Dinghys up to 3.90m can often be compatible with a rear extension installed.
†  Dinghys over 3.75m with “Widebody” or Bigboy” style hulls are not compatible.

Please contact us to discuss your options if you are concerned you may exceed our limitations. We do look at individual cases.