Testimonial – John

From: “John Blair”
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, 30 August 2010 10:22AM
Subject: Mangrove Jack Boat Trailer Stickers
Dear Sir,
I purchased one of your trailer earlier this year while staying at Venus bay in South Australia where you promptly forwarded it to me, and it arrived in excellent condition. In addition to the trailer, I also purchased your caravan trailer bracket which was sent to my home at Kurrimine Beach in north Queensland. I emailed you some photographs of the way that I set it up on the rear of my A Van, but did not hear anymore from you, but assume you received it. The trailer and the bracket are brilliantly engineered, and the workmanship is to be commended. I have a chronic back problem, but have absolutely no difficulty in assembling and disassembling, and storing the whole shebang in minutes. I have had many many inquiries from the multitude of travelers regarding the boat trailer, and all who have witnessed me putting it together, and pulling it apart, are absolutely in awe at the ease and simplicity of the proceedure. All other manufactured portable boat trailers are left far behind by your design. The position of the “Mangrove Jack” transfer sticker on the trailer makes it difficult to see when the boat is on the trailer, and I have numerous inquiries regarding the manufacturer and availability, so wondering if you could send me two or three stickers to put one on the boat trailer in an easy to see location, and also one for my vehicle and boat. My postal address should you wish to send them is… *omitted for privacy*
John Blair
We responded to John’s email.
Here is his reply:
Dear Gavin,
I can assure you that my previous email regarding the outstanding engineering & workmanship of your Mangrove Jack trailer, as well as it’s complete ease of assembly and dissassembly, certainly makes it the number one portable registrable boat trailer in the land, leaving all competitors in the dust. You may use this and/or, my previous email as a testimonial for your excellent outstanding product.
Kind regards,
John Blair
Kurrimine Beach NQ.