Testimonial – Warwick

From: “WARWICK JOBE” <[email protected]
To: “Gavin & Jill Ager” <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, 21 July 2010 9:30PM
Subject: We love our trailer
Hi guys, well just thought I would send you an email after another great day on the water. We bought one of your trailers a bout 18 months ago and we love it. We have been up through the middle of Aus. on this trip and and up to Cape Leveque and now heading down the WA coast to Perth and then back to Melb. We have demonstrated the trailer to many people and I think I must have sold a dozen !! Well done and great product. Saw one at Middle Lagoon with nice gold coloured bits on it, nice touch. We look like changing our boat soon from a stacer 350 to a SeaJay 375 or similar and will again use our Mangrove Jack to transport it.
Hope your business is going well.
Kindest regards,
Warwick Jobe.