Testimonial – Grant

From: “Grant Hanan” <[email protected]>
To: “Mangrove Jack Marine” <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday 26 January 2011 1:28PM
Subject: RE: Creative welder Thanks for the tip I will look him up
Gidday Gavin,
Many thanks for the tip he sounds like exactly what I am looking for, so will look him up in about a month or so.
We are almost packed and plan to leave soon enough. I had to make some mods to the rear of the van so I took some photos for your interest.
You may recall when I first was interested I asked many questions (customer from hell)
Anyway Gavin many thanks for all your help, I am really pleased with the trailer , particular t how easy it goes together and the clever engineering you have used.
The quality of the fittings  and overall product , along with the design, this comes from someone who understands what a customer wants , to be delighted beyond expectations.
The initial price, (a little more expensive then some others ) what I used to call “sticker shock”is long forgotten when you see other wrestling with their trailers and boats while we are in the water and under way its definitely worth the couple extra bucks.
I wish you and Mangrove Jack all the best for 2011 , and will be singing the praisers of Mangrove Jack as we Travel around OZ
Regards Grant Hanan