Kayak Trailers

KAYAK Trailers Now Available !!

All models Full ADR & ROVER Compliant

Heaviest Piece… 8kg.

And it’s carried in one hand…                                                    ↓↓Scroll down to see our ad↓↓

38kg… No tools… 2min assembly.

This is the industry’s benchmark trailer.                                  ↓↓Scroll down to see our ad↓↓

316 S/S Stub Axles

With a washer to pressure seal the marine bearing seal greatly reducing water ingress.

Fully Anodised

Industry leading finish. Highly durable.

Positive Locking Gravity Pin

Friction welded ball bearing retainer!
All Stainless Steel

It’s the little things too…

Like machine rounded bolt ends.

Caravan Mounting

Quick, simple, lightweight kit weighing only 3.5kg’s!

All anodised aluminium & S/S of course.

Marine Bearing Seals

This is a true marine product.